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An unforgettable tale of a journey of the powerful Monkey God Hanuman through Bali and the Indonesian archipelago showcasing a variety of dances, music and an exciting fire dance finale. The event showcases the following dance performances from around Indonesia; the Jaipong, Kecak, Papua and Pakarena.

The Balinesia Lu'au cultural performance

PART 1 SUMMARY - 'The Birth of Hanuman', when Dewi Anjani begs to Lord Shiva to have his son so Lord Shiva grants her the wish for Hanuman to be born. Little Hanuman was playing with his friends in Wana Maya forest where he ate the Sun and the world turned into darkness. Lord Indra became very angry with little Hanuman as this darkness brought unbalance to the world, so he attempts to kill little Hanuman but Lord Surya comes to his rescue and informs Lord Indra that Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is not to be harmed. This leads into Hanuman becoming of age as an adult.


PART 2 SUMMARY - 'The story of Ramayana' details the kidnapping of Dewi Sita (the wife of Rama) by Rahwana whom longs for her love and wants to make her his wife. Lord Rama asks Hanuman for his help to deliver a ring for Sita in the kingdom of Alenka while he prepares to save her. As Hanuman arrives in Alenka, he battles with the demons who try to kill him by burning him but Hanuman cannot be burned due to his superpowers. Hanuman destroys Alenka by turning it to fire and ashes. He saves Sita and returns to Lord Rama who gives him a reward to enjoy the Nusantara dance!


The Balinesia Lu’au is one of the newest and most exciting activities in Bali for all the family to enjoy and our very own Balinese style Lu’au begins with a Balinese Flower Lei and gift, followed by a traditional Water Blessing from a local priest with the beats of Balinese music playing in the background, setting the mood for the evening.  Then you will be ushered towards our photo booth area for your group to pose and receive your Balinesia Lu’au photo souvenir.  


Once inside, you will be served a tropical Welcome Drink and you can casually explore the venue, grab one of our signature Hanuman Colada cocktails and try your hand at some Arts & Crafts from the Balinese culture, such as Anyaman and Canang Sari making and partake in the amazing life size Ogoh-Ogoh Parade which is a Nyepi Day classic activity.  Another fun highlight available for the children is face painting.


Bring your appetite to fully enjoy the extensive buffet menu which tastefully blends the best of traditional Indonesian dishes, local favourites, Live Nasi Goreng section, coupled with a bar serving an array of tropical cocktails, wines, spirits, beers, mocktails and soft drinks throughout the full event duration.  Be witness and try the popular Babi Guling which was originally made as a ceremonial offering to the Balinese Hindu gods, with the pig served whole to represent perfection and abundant grace to the gods.


As the Bali sunset fades high in the background, this incomparable Balinesia Lu’au Extravaganza will see our professional performers entertain and amaze you with an unforgettable tale of a journey of the powerful Monkey God Hanuman through Bali and the Indonesian archipelago showcasing a story of dance, live music and fire, in the company of friends, old and new.

Attending the Balinesia Luau is a unique opportunity to witness beautiful Balinese and Indonesian culture and traditions weave together in a mix of dances, dress, music, storytelling, and feasting that provides a lovely immersive experience for every visitor to the magic Island of Gods; Bali.

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